Dreams Reflecting Fears

Last night I had a dream that I received a call that they (not sure who 'they' were) had a baby for us. I anxiously called my mom (not Brian for some reason) and she came with me to this building to 'pick up the baby'. They had me fill out a huge stack of papers and handed me some sort of certificate that said this baby belonged to me. They then ushered me into this meeting room where I was greeted by the baby's foster family.

The foster family told me they needed to go over a few things before I took this baby home and they were very grave, like this baby was going to be a handful. I nervously nodded but they said I could meet the baby first and all eyes turned to a lady standing in the corner, with her back facing us. She turned around, to present the baby to me and...

It was a kitten.

A kitten.

My hopes and anxiety deflated and all I could think was that Brian was going to be so disappointed in me for not asking more questions before I committed to this arrangement (I could already hear his long, drawn-out sigh) and that he was going to be so mad about me bringing a third cat home.

The kitten ran right over to me and started purring and everyone was cooing and saying, "Awww, she is taking to her right away!" and I knew I wasn't leaving without that kitten, but I was so confused and sad.

So, that's where my head is at these days with adoption.

A). It doesn't feel like it's ever going to happen.
B). If it does happen, I'm fearful of any sort of disappointment.
C). Adopting cats is so easy in comparison.

I just wanted to document the dream, because I'm fairly certain I'll get a kick out of it some day if when we do have children and this uncomfortable waiting phase is over.


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