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Dreams Reflecting Fears

Last night I had a dream that I received a call that they (not sure who 'they' were) had a baby for us. I anxiously called my mom (not Brian for some reason) and she came with me to this building to 'pick up the baby'. They had me fill out a huge stack of papers and handed me some sort of certificate that said this baby belonged to me. They then ushered me into this meeting room where I was greeted by the baby's foster family.

The foster family told me they needed to go over a few things before I took this baby home and they were very grave, like this baby was going to be a handful. I nervously nodded but they said I could meet the baby first and all eyes turned to a lady standing in the corner, with her back facing us. She turned around, to present the baby to me and...

It was a kitten.

A kitten.

My hopes and anxiety deflated and all I could think was that Brian was going to be so disappointed in me for not asking more questions before I committed to this arrangem…

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