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We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

Gosh, I feel like I just got back from Scotland but here it is already mid-September. Yikes.

I appears Scotland satiated my summer hiking needs, because I haven't really done much since. We did try a new form of hike where we picked a short, easy hike that promised a meadow. We stopped in said meadow, brought books, blankets, and whiskey and just enjoyed being outside. I haven't done that kind of a hike since probably high school (sans the whiskey). Ever since my hiking has become more extreme, it has become more about how far you can go and how many vast vistas with which you can tickle your eyes and I never consider bringing a book. It was very pleasant and something I hope to incorporate more into my hiking plans. That relaxing hike was in celebration of our 12th wedding anniversary in July. Sometimes it's crazy to think I've been in close contact with Brian for 14 years now when it feels like yesterday that he awkwardly asked me out and I awkwardly wasn't sure …

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