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Nostalgic Life Lessons

If you follow me on social media, you saw that I recently met up with my 2 best friends from high school in NYC for a 20+ year friend-iversary rendezvous. It was the perfect trip in so many ways. We had a great time reconnecting and reminiscing. I walked away from that trip super sad it was over and super grateful for such great, long-lasting friendships and the fact that we all found great husbands. If you haven't seen your long-time besties in a while, plan a trip with them for a long weekend! I highly recommend it.

That trip really made me nostalgic so I came home and started reading my journals. I was blessed with a mentor in high school who really encouraged me to journal through all my teenage angst and I have always felt that was so crucial for me to work through all those awkward years. And now I have volumes upon volumes of journals walking me through the majority of my life. What's great about having those journals is that I continue to learn from them, even 20 years…

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